Are you passionate about your job as a Restaurant Pastry Chef? Do you love rising to a challenge?
So join in the unique experience of C3 Competition!
Valrhona is lauching the 5th edition of the C3 Competition, open to all restaurant professionals

Stage 1 :
Recipe submission
Each candidate must present an original creative plated dessert recipe and moulding chocolate bonbons on the theme: Manjari Grand Cru from Madagascar using the dark coating chocolate from rare cocoa beans from
Madagascar : MANJARI 64% ยปThis recipe must be made using standard kitchen equipment.
The chocolate must be the main ingredient, both visually and in relation to taste.
Stage 2 :
Regional Semi-finals
The candidates chosen during the entry dossier selection process will participate in a taste-based selection. Those selected will go into the final phase of the competition.
They will be informed of the exact date of the event when the results are announced.

Practical and technical information will be sent to the candidates selected during stage 1 in a timely manner to ensure the competition runs smoothly
Stage 3 :
International Final
The International Final will take place in October 2018 in Brooklyn, New York, during the International Chefs Congress

The specific regulations for the final will be sent to each of the participants in june 2018 and will describe the organization of the competition and provide some practical information.