Created in 2013
"Intense Cocoa & Milky"


Thanks to its high cocoa content, BAHIBÉ adds intense cocoa notes to its gentle milky flavor, with nutty hues, fruity acidity and a slightly bitter edge.


The Dominican Republic, also known as Saint Domingue, is an island in the Caribbean Basin, characterized by jagged peaks and sweeping coastlines, with a longstanding cocoa tradition. Rooted in fertile soil nourished by healthy doses of rain and sunshine, the island's rich forests and fruit orchards make it an ideal place for the cultivation of cocoa.


Bahibé explores new territory as an intense milky and chocolatey couverture. With a hint of dark chocolate bitterness and a heart of pure milk chocolate, Bahibé provides a new balance between the milky sweetness and bitterness of a single origin cocoa from the Dominican Republic.


Valrhona chose the name “Bahibé” for this Single Origin Grand Cru Milk Chocolate as a tribute to the Dominican Republic’s emblematic cactus flower called the “Rosa de Bayahibe”.

Flavor Pairings

Sweet fruits

banana, pineapple, mandarin orange/orange, pear, dried fruit and nuts, pralinés


vanilla, pepper, sea salt, coffee


Caramel, honey, biscuits/grains, roasted sesame